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Have you ever wanted to escape from the stress of the work and life for some days? Just think the beauty of nature,  turquoise sea that is in your dreams…greenest pine forest…the sunset of Mediterranean Sea…sleeping under Moonlight with sound of wave and when you wake up imagine a breakfast on the beach…you will be happy

 If you are a good walker, then you have to know that one of the world’s hikes which is accepted as best “ Lycian Way” passes through Faralya and along the waterfalls lengthens till the Olympos.

If you are a good swimmer then you can discover the cave.

 The beauties that are waiting you are not limited by these…the beauties that you will see fascinate you.

What can you do?

  • You can experience the beauty of a unique nature, sea and sun
  • You will be impressed by the unique beauty of turquoise blue sea
  • You can relax under the shade of olive trees
  • You can walk by the pleasant historical Lycian walking paths
  •  You can watch the sky with a stars and moon
  • You can relax reading a book on a green grass.

Our Bungalows Pine Houses; The tree houses which are almost all with sea view and spacious area of 24 m2, is built on the raised floor, has toilet and bath, large veranda. Olive Houses; These are the tree houses which are green-space dominated by mountain views, located in between the olive trees, has toilet and bath, and veranda. Tree House, is the only one located on a pine tree5m up from the ground in the middle of our field which has green mountain and sea view on the ground, has a toilet and bath and a veranda.

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