The services provided by the ÖZYER Group in the tourism sector are of great importance.  The ÖZYER Group constantly aims to enhance the brand value of the company and hold the highest level of customer satisfaction and quality in the industry ensuring they continue to grow through new investments in this area.


The ÖZYER Group have successfully completed many large scale projects in the past and are still very active in the real estate and construction industry today.  One of the busiest areas of the ÖZYER Group business is construction and property development and they are constantly taking on new and exciting projects and offering its customers the highest level of quality and satisfaction.


Gold and jewellery design were the roots of the ÖZYER Group in 1948, and they continue to serve this sector with a wide range of quality products.


Renewable energy is a new sector of business for the ÖZYER Group to take its place alongside the existing and future projects of the company.  They aim to be successful and a predominant name in this field as they have become in the other branches of the company.