Investing in future

Responsibility to our employees

Every employee of the ÖZYER Group regardless of age, race, creed, sex, religion, and political opinion will not be discriminated against and will be treated with respect and fairness for all to work in harmony, safely and healthily with fair management to ensure happiness and maximum performance as individuals in their jobs.

Responsibility towards our customers

To offer of honest and trustworthy service to our customers by using transparent management skills and an understanding of the correct way to respond to demands.

Responsibility towards society

To use our success to contribute to the development of Turkey's economy is the best way to raise the welfare of our society by increasing the numbers of safe and honest jobs.

To take into account the country, the cities and the town’s social and cultural values and act in accordance with these values.

Contribute to the social and cultural development of the community by supporting its projects.

With these thoughts in mind, the ÖZYER Group have constructed mosques and schools in Fethiye town as well as support students with yearly scholarships.